What is White

Birds of a feather flock together

This article draws from the previous one about “the reality of race”. If races do exist, and we have already determined that they do, then why write a piece about one of these? Because this topic has suffered so much with silly, emotionally led misconceptions that it is good to set the record straight. Besides, this is a place for European pagans, so it is a relevant topic to the platform itself.

What is it then?
The answer is quite simple and, actually, almost self-explanatory. Europeans are:

the indigenous and native, Caucasian race, white skinned, ethnic groups, who have lived in the landmass and islands between the Arctic Circle to the North and the Greek Islands to the South; and from Iceland in the West, to the Ural Mountains in the East.

Except some minor variations like Greeks that lived in Turkey, some Arab Muslim outposts inside the continent, etc. this definition is quite solid throughout history and it is also the one provided at our Forum FAQ. Here we prefer the term “European”, for being much more comprehensible, although in this article the term “White” is used due to the social context in which these arguments often arise.

The fuss about the defining White is actually about how you define the not-White. It is easy to include/exclude the obvious, but hard to decide on the edges of it. To help elucidating the matter, I propose drawing help from a seemingly unrelated topic: colours. This is probably not an unheard comparison for many, but I feel that even when the comparison is made, people do not go to the necessary depths of it.

The differentiation
Colours have a straightforward scientific definition, they are different frequencies of the electromagnetic waves, ranging from 4.3x10^14 to 7.5x10^14 Hz. Colours are also not only a scientific concept, but one that is observable (and obvious) to anyone without blindness or colour-blindness. These two facts are thus the confirmation that the rationale behind the comparison is solid.

Let’s then get straight to the main point and ask: what is green?

The RGB scale
Another coincidence here. Human species can be divided between three major groups/branches: Caucasoids, Mongoloids and Negroids, following anthropological nomenclatures. In a similar way, the same number of colours can generate all the visible spectrum, formed by Red, Green and Blue. The pure green colour is [0, 255 (100%), 0] in the RGB scale. Likewise, the pure Mongoloid individual is 100% Mongoloid and 0% others. No news here.

But the question remains: what is green? Surprise, there is no definitive answer!

It depends on cultural norms, language uses and, in the end, a very individualised perception. So, what does that prove about the existence of colours. Nothing. It is a side argument that only deals with technicalities and not with the main issue.

Because of the logic parallel, the same conclusion can be drawn about races. This goes back to the initial premise, that races do exist and are easily differentiable at their core, but subject to questioning at their edges.
This article does not have the pretension to try and discuss what are those edges. It only tries to give a logical perspective to this overly sentimental discussion topic.

The same way that only a complete internet autiste would try to have a meaningful discussion about RGB colour boundaries, it is a pedantic intelectual argument to try and disconsider the inate idea of human races, by moaning about the exception of the exception.

So, suit yourself and choose of your own volition if the picture below shows a green or yellow hue.


But, do not try to fake us into believing (colour-blind excluded) that this is not green…


and never be the idiot that says you cannot define White (European)


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