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Welcome to Ôðalic Angle!

Welcome to the portal to the world of authentic European perspectives and living traditions.

Here we’ll examine the European traditions, perspectives, and the essence of European spiritual life itself.

We’re interested in truthful, and thus by default the factual, perspectives and events of Europe, paganism, our folk, and our history; not merely the pre-approved garbage which maintains and enforces the status-quo of any given era for the control of the masses which was long ago handed down to us from the ruling elite.

We’re not a historical re-enactment group; a political group; a religious group; or a group of nostalgic and dogmatic fools trying to break the barrier of time.
In fact, we really aren’t a group at all. We could be described as semi-affiliated folk who discuss topics of mutual interest and who also have aims and life goals that are in line with one another.

Rather than simply complain about the countless petty issues that excite the small minds of the somnambulant drones known as the masses, we objectively look at the whole picture; the fundamentals; the past events - which of course must always explain the present reality and influence the future; and we look at ourselves, the key to the future - The future that we Europeans, above all else, decide for ourselves.

We Europeans known as pagans wholly control our own religions, perspectives, and actions. We are free from the spiritually dead and hedonistic monotony of the establishment ideals, expectations, and false dreams. Are you?

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