The Observable Natural Laws Of Existence


An imagined Weimar 2.0, Huxley’s Brave New Word, and Orwell's 1984 are reality in the modern civilisation in which we reside, but it need not be. We can escape to the forests, the mountains & rivers and live as we were made to live. We can do it easily if: (1) It's what we want to do, (2) We see it as a healthy and sensible decision, and (3) We are prepared to teach ourselves the methods and techniques to not only survive, but to thrive, in this way; the way that is, and has always been, an essential part of who we are as Europeans.

There is nothing hard about it if learning, physical activity, and challenging oneself is what you love; and thus the only real obstacles to living freely is your state of mind and accepting the fact that you've been “taught” throughout your life that we can no longer live like this as the knowledge and ability is lost. Also, accepting the undeniable fact that the large towns and cities are nothing but concrete prisons where all inmates are volunteers will go a long way in helping re-form your perception to the folk ways.

Nothing is lost, nothing is forgotten. Modern “education” merely suppresses what we have always had: Our natural instinct and ability to learn and live in the natural world.

We are beings of the natural world as much as the wolf, boar, bear, and deer; only we think we are something else, something above these animals, something special; but in this sense we are not special.


Arrogance and the know-it-all attitude of Atheism and Abrahamic religions are only overcome by enlightenment, and enlightenment is only achieved by seeking, finding, and acknowledging natural, repeatable and observable truths.

Truth is not always what we want it to be, but it is always true and whether we like it or not is absolutely irrelevant; thus we must accept it and change our thoughts and actions to accommodate the fundamental truths of existence.

What are the fundamental truths of existence? You would do well to look for that yourself, as I have done. You will ultimately find what I have found and not something different as truth is not subjective opinion nor open to personal interpretation. It is what it is and I have no say in it, I have merely put it to paper.

To look for the truth in all things we need to accept, or rather observe them oneself, the following nine observations as fact; I found these to be so via simple observations and I have thus given as the title: THE OBSERVABLE NATURAL LAWS OF EXISTENCE.

These observations required no opinions or interpretations from me as they are simply documented actions as seen, as it is, and are verifiable by anyone who can disconnect from biased emotional reaction to natures unemotional and objective brutality.


(1) If an organism doesn’t fight for its survival from its birth, or have a carer to do so until such time that it can fight for itself, it will die in the struggle for life or be killed, intentionally or not, by competition.

(2) When an organism comes into existence it has no rights to anything as rights don't exist in the natural world. Everything that it acquires, whether it be freedom, a domicile, nutrition, or possessions, is because it fights for it. All that it has acquired can be taken away or destroyed at any time by the stronger organism, and this in fact will be done if it takes no preventive action.

(3) The default of nature is that the stronger organism will always dominate the weaker organism. Conversely, and given the opportunity, the weaker organism will always take advantage of the stronger organism in a parasitical manner until a time when, or if, the stronger organism can cleanse itself of the parasitical organism.

(4) The dead, dying and disabled have no place in the struggle for survival. That which does not help can only hinder.

(5) Voluntary mutual relationships between two or more organisms will only continue as long as all organisms benefit from the exchange. Should an organism cease to benefit from such a condition it will cease to be a part of it; disregarding if the remaining organisms continue to obtain any benefit, or come to detriment, from the remaining and broken association.

(6) Anything an organism can do to support its own survival will be done regardless of any collateral damage occurring. The organism cares not about others, only its own immediate survival; and in the case of parent organisms, of its progeny.

(7) Organisms, unless interfered with by a foreign body, will always breed with their own kind. Such breeding is of the utmost significance to the survival of the individual species.

(8) Hierarchy is a natural occurrence; it exists in every wolf pack, elephant herd, ant colony, and primitive human tribe and is an absolute and crucial arrangement for the function and productivity of any community of organisms in the struggle for survival.

(9) There is no deadlier organism on the Earth than that of a Mother or Father when its progeny is in danger of being attacked and/or killed. When an organism is not just prepared to die, but seemingly happy to die protecting its progeny, this is absolute verification for the importance of continuing the individual species.


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