The Eight Senses, Or The Reality Of The Organism

Contrary to popular belief we have eight, not five, senses.

The well attributed five are only the material, which do not include the ethereal essence of life. Whether it is wholly accepted or not the metaphysical exists just as much, and even more so, as the material world of Middle-Earth in which we inhabit. Whatever materialistic Atheists have to say about this is something in which I have no interest.
The commonly understood five senses are listed in a particular order- that of most important to least important to the survival of the organism.

(1) Spirit - the self which exists independently and regardless of all material things.
(2) Thought - the self as perceived via the Midgardian organism.
(3) Instinct - an expression of the self, but not necessarily of thought, and its will of preservation.
(4) Sight - I
(5) Hearing - II
(6) Smell - III
(7) Touch - IV
(8) Taste - V

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