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Survival of the Sleaziest (?)

We all know it, you know it and your buddies at work know it. But still you think, like women, that you can somehow change it. News to you buddy - they never will, and you will never make a good wife of yourself for one either.

These days man is not rewarded for manly deeds. He is rewarded for greed, ruthless exploitation of others and robbery sanctioned by law.

Todays favored traits are those of the dog man, or like the German insult says, "pig dogs" for he has all characteristics aside loyalty like dogs and all the greed of a pig in him.

This kind of sub-human type that could only triumph historically as court sycophant or fool or as some back-alley con man shylock is nowadays the ruling type of the so-called European "success".

These beings do not have anything European in them but the masquerade is designed to hide their lack of character in shades of pretentious luxury and their shallowness into sheer materialism.


The European nobility is dead and to be buried, period. Those pretending to be ones are only fooling themselves, or perhaps they are just enjoying their decadent suicide as if fiddling while their Rome burns. Any real and deeper, antisocial/ anarchistic or even real philosophical reasoning would seem out of place with them.

We all see what kind of dogs are favored in this, increasingly Talmudic world we live in. We see what kind of treats the owners toss at them and we see what kind of breeds they prefer to keep, to have their table crumbs.

The breed to succeed has to be a real pitbull for a man, totally ruthless.

He can not have any concerns, above material matters for his wife, his family, his kin. He may hold no qualms as to rip off or crush his fellow man, be it economical or even physical (then executed by "someone else", of course).


He may not need true friends as all that burned away when he chose the path of success. So he says to himself at least when the emptiness and regret crawls to his mind at night.

He lives for success and for the trophies that signal to others of him being in the Winning Team. He may share the occasional laugh or a drink but essentially, he is somewhere else. In most cases in some lonely depth.

Now, there is nothing wrong in man pursuing after his dreams and making an effort. Enterprising, self made men are the salt of this earth. Even if they used to express more substance to their being than mere lust for gold but nevertheless they made livelihoods for others, less visionary men possible just as much back in the day as they do now.


But as much as there is greed in every man, there is now an alien and evil will among us, taking advantage of our weaknesses, derailing us from our paths and distorting our once good and noble intentions.

What has been the result of the last 70 years or so is that this greedy man has been elevated on a pedestal. This character has been cultivated and praised by all who "are anybodies".

He who sells the most snake oil and green tea to the gullibles gets the most material riches and carnal privileges this world has to offer. In other words, the perverted and distorted version of these spoils that in earlier times belonged to the men of great deeds, noble character and good manners. The wormtongues and jesters have taken over.


Simple - because that is the trait that gets rewarded by the owners. He mirrors and mimics his masters.

The game of thrones has for long been over but the real emperor still seeks safety in the shadows, away from the eyes of his subjects.


His minions however reveal his presence, his nature and his inner quality.

The way you really prosper is you to let yourself turn into his vampire golem boy but there are other things in life that matter beyond material possessions that you may want to consider.


You still have the option to just walk away and concentrate on something else, something good.

You do not have to be bled dry.

You do not have to become like him.

You can succeed in other, more respectful ways if you are just willing to.


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