Thoughts, Revelations and Portents

Selections from various writings

He who cannot teach himself can never truly teach others.

Consciousness is infinite; the only finite thing is maintaining the status-quo of the pseudo-intellectual construct of impermanence.

Sacred pagan places are everywhere in Europe; all one needs to do is find the nearest church and you can see the destruction of it.

The more we're willing to risk, the more we have to gain.

I forge my own way through life, I wade through the cesspools of vermin that society throws at me and I stomp out the life of the maggots under my feet.

Just like everybody else, I'm the product of the social-conditions encompassing my existence; unlike everybody else, I recognise this as a defining factor of my existence and seek to overthrow it.

Whilst learning a particular field of interest I admired those men I thought of as leading it as great and knowledgeable, but once I discovered more than they would ever consider probable, or even possible, I started to look down on them as the dogmatic imbeciles they's the natural order to surpass ones idols.

A civilisation or community of people will never adopt the nature of its exceptions.

Reality is always proven correct with simple experiments; while the false narrative can never be proven correct with even the most complicated.

All ideas contrary to the instincts of the Germanic soul - whether based on reason or not - are born of the corruption of our minds by the pedlars of the backward doctrines of Sinai and Nazareth.

Showing people the emptiness of atheist materialism and mass consumerism is a good start to showing them the path which leads away from their dead-end existence. Only truth can awaken people to the lies they call life, but they must want it.

Few see history for what it was, even less see the present for what it is. Those who don't understand the past will never understand the present, hence, they will never shape the future. - (In response to Orwell - “Those who control the present, control the past and those who control the past control the future.”)

Tradition is analogous to knowledge, skill, and belonging; those without tradition have nothing.

The establishment and all its ‘highly scientific and academic’ organisations are completely compartmentalised and controlled by the set narratives of the day by those well above them. Nothing is left untouched, no avenue of life is uncontrolled; the church of today is the mainstream Scientific establishment and anything not inline with their dogma is hidden or destroyed.
Two perfect examples of the mainstream establishment leading people up the garden path are the two completely absurd hypotheses put forward known as (1) ‘The Big Bang’ and (2) ‘Evolution’; of which not a single piece of evidence exists for either, and yet, most people in the west believe (believe they know) it to be fact when it is nothing of the sort. They simply can't comprehend that they don't know what it is that they don't know! Neither do they want to face the probability that if the above hypotheses are false then creation must by default be reality.

People will defend ‘scientific’ models they know nothing about because they were forced to believe it during school years and reinforced with it during university years. Even in the face of mountains of evidence to the contrary they will never see reality as it is as they only comprehend what to think, not how to think, and only within the confines and limits of their own preset and established narrative and the rules given to them that is the basis and foundation of their whole existence. That said, is it any wonder that one meets with heavy resistance when correcting them on their fallacious and illogical world views?!?!

When an individual cannot accept the possibility that the very foundation of their existence – the status quo of any given era – is wrong, they cannot ever move forward to finding and accepting the real basis of their existence as all previous notions and ideas are so deeply set in their mind it causes catastrophic failure of the mind itself; and thus, their ability to comprehend the evidence being viewed as it is and for what it is rather than for what they are told it is is utterly destroyed as the individuals subconscious goes into self preservation mode and puts up a megalithic wall of cognitive dissonance to ‘protect’ itself. The individual itself cannot see this occurring and short of a significant event to shock them into it they never will see it and thus - They don't know what it is that they don't know.

Nostalgic moments in ones life can never be recreated; however, the nostalgia of your future is always being created and it is only your present actions that dictate what that will be - Good actions give birth to good memories.

If you are not willing to educate yourself in the subjects of which you wish to speak, then your opinion is worthy neither of consideration or reply as everything you say is negated by your own lack of knowledge.

Moments of enlightenment occur when we least expect it, thus proving to ourselves, once again, how little we really know.

Modern reality is but a theatre controlled by the Jews; you're all simply marionettes who know nothing of it.

Physical death is a part of all life in Midgard; all existing and new life is only made possible by the physical death of others. The death of our beloved should only ever make us stronger; amongst the pain, torment and sadness of our loss we must pull from our endless reserve of strength the will to fight and rise to the challenge to continue on; to fight another day; to keep our honour; and to put things right. Death is not the end, neither for us nor our dearly departed.

Owning nice things and having money doesn't make you who you are, but when you assume it does, and define yourself by it, it's often a very good representation of the horrible and superficial person you have let yourself become.

That people cannot see that we have been invaded by a people (under the direction of the Jew) that openly seek our deaths speaks volumes about the depth of the brainwashing and complete detachment from the reality in which we live.

Many centuries passed while non-Christian Peoples were persecuted and exterminated; the options were conversion or death, just like Islam today. Those who refuse to see the parallels are of the most ignorant type.

The current and modern inhabitants of the world are, as I've personally observed them: Self-entitled degenerates; enviously decadent gluttons; greedy hedonistic consumerists; stubbornly abhorrent to truth and reason; unhealthy, uncaring, unknowledgeable and destructively deceitful liars; spitefully jealous; absolutely debased and decayed; self-centred, self-hating, contradictorily deranged and proud without reason; ideologically inept and ignorant; spiritually dead and pathetic; irredeemably immoral, homophilic, and Judaphilic; utterly incompetent; nefariously depraved; eternally malcontent; petulantly querulous and repugnant megalomaniacal somnambulant fools. - In response to Richard Dawkins’ atheist garbage “The God Delusion”

People complain of the majority ruling the minority and yet what is far worse is our current situation - The minority ruling the majority. It's far better that the majority be in agreement with each other than not and thus, rule the minority, which are few; what is even better is none ruling anyone.

Human Sacrifice was a part of the old ways amongst all pagan peoples of the world. Today, many well todo Jews (originally a Middle Eastern pagan cult) still practices it on their holy days. Among more honourable people many sacrificial ‘victims’ were volunteers and not victims at all; they saw it as an honour to give up their Midgardian organism to honour the Gods with the spilling of blood; an energy and natural chemical filled substance which is the essence of physical life. Naturally, we also sacrificed our enemies to the gods, whether they liked it or not.

When the afterlife is a fact, as it most definitely was to folk in olden times, death is nothing. This view on death can be reclaimed, I have done so myself. The secret to eradicating the individual's fear of death is the death of fear. Fear serves no purpose to the human; it doesn't serve to preserve but rather it serves to incapacitate. Our fight or flight response is an instinct of self preservation that remains strong regardless of fear.
I'm entirely convinced that fear, as we modern humans understand it, is a learned and intentionally instilled negative trait, not a natural one as we are led to believe. When a human piece of garbage beats a dog everyday the dog learns to expect a beating everyday, cowering at every sound from the house and approach from humans, and thus he learns to fear it and it becomes his obsession. When a wolf lives in the wild it expects no such thing so it has no reason to learn this behaviour; his life is quite unpredictable and he always lives in the moment, never the future and never expecting anything. Having no fear of death doesn't mean we ‘default’ to becoming reckless as this would undermine our intelligence to make rational decisions, and too - our instincts. Having no fear of death means one has the knowledge that death doesn't exist in any real form other than that of our physical organism in this physical world. This was the mentality held by those who wilfully gave themselves to sacrifice and it is for this reason that they wilfully done so. Among archeological findings in Europe we see the burials of important men accompanied by other people, horses, dogs, possessions and so forth; and unless one is expected to believe all these people and animals simultaneously died against remarkable odds and in a supreme coincidence then such findings are absolute proof of human and animal sacrifice amongst our ancestors. Human sacrifice is the ideal sacrifice and it served a purpose then and it serves a purpose today, yet almost all have no idea what purpose.

We live, we die, and then we move into the next world. We can come back if and when we like (reincarnate), although it doesn't seem to be mandatory. If we choose to we undergo a kind of temporary ultimate death as we forget who we are, we lose our identity and all sense of self. The next world is not unlike this world and from what I've seen of it it looks very similar. Like most people in the modern world, I used to fear death-but I no longer do. It's not death that is to be feared, it's the unknown that artificially induces fear into the weak soul.
To overcome the fear of death requires the death of fear; and you must have a solid spiritual foundation in your life in this world to do so as when you do you're assured that there's nothing to fear.
Death is not the end; such ideas are atheist Jew propaganda that were spread and popularised many generations ago.

My views on death are based almost entirely on my own life experience and lessons, and to a much lesser extent the words of wisemen of the past, not any specific doctrine or dogma.

Christianity doesn't have a monopoly on spirituality or human morality and its near 2000 year reign of terror proves it, common sense proves it, the documents in the Vatican prove it. From Rome to the new world it has wiped out countless peoples, cultures, languages, histories and works of priceless cultural art all in the name of the Christian-Jewish God Yahweh, and from the absurdly erroneous and abhorrent viewpoint that all non-Christians are ‘savages’ who need helping. Thus, those claiming Christianity has a monopoly on morality know nothing about their own peoples history of terror and genocide. European Pagans were the first victims of genocide led by Christian missionaries.

If what is put forth about paganism and tradition is portrayed negatively people will be left with negative impressions, however if it is positive (defending Europe and exposing her enemies) people will be left with a positive impression of our motives and actions, providing of course they have at least a little common sense.
For the most part, all things can be said and done in either a negative or positive manner - we can deny or we can affirm; we can defend as victims or attack as aggressors; we can follow as sheep or we can lead as wolves.
The words we choose to use have more impact than the subject being discussed and this is why the Jews and Cultural-Marxists have been so successful in changing the way people think: They changed the language, thus changing the game. By changing the language they have changed the emotional responses extracted from the people using the language, thus changing the people themselves.
It's propaganda, yes, but it's primarily brainwashing and thought reform.

Just because Christianity has been in Europe for so long is no reason to keep it and doing so because of this is fallacious and incorrect. Paganism has been in Europe for 100,000 years! Are we supposed to ignore this fact for a 1700 year reign of terror by foreign ideas? By the Christians own reasoning methods, we win. However, we don't accept Paganism because it has been around for so long, we accept it because it's correct, we accept it because it's ours, we accept it because it's tradition - and regarding tradition and in the words of the Jew Gustav Mahler: 'Tradition is tending the flames, not worshipping the ashes." Christianity, Islam and Judaism have no authority in Europe, the only religion with authority in Europe is ours and we are its authoritarians.

I don't operate by societies standards and definitions so I can't be judged by them, and who is anyone to judge me anyway? I don't live in your world of illusions, I despise it and seek to destroy it!

The governments - or more precisely, those who are seldom if ever seen and yet pull the strings from behind the scenes - are the cause of this problem. They destroy nations in the name of bank accounts, debt slavery, oil, gold, territory, psychological control & manipulation, and immunity from attack and retribution. Follow the money, follow the protected, and follow the immune and the truth shall become apparent. Never fear the truth regardless of where it may lead! When you find it shout it from the rooftops! Truth and evidence, in spite of being factual, provable and demonstrable, are not easy to defend in this age of consumerist and atheist fantasy as even magistrates say it is no defence; but let not that ever stop you speaking it.
So, ask yourselves: Who profits from all these bad legislative policies? Who is not in the open with their dealings? Who strongly advocates one method of existence and yet lives by another? Who can we not question, let alone criticise, without being slandered, attacked, defamed, silenced and even killed? Who praises our countries and simultaneously drags us into wars not of our doing? Who produces social, cultural and economic degeneracy? Who has made us slaves to debt? Who has corrupted our youth? Who owns all the major financial institutions and media outlets? Who are the real string-pullers of this puppet show we call modern civilisation? Who has a great interest in dividing a whole other people, yet are thick as thieves among themselves? Who throughout history has had this very same modus operandi? Who repeatedly does all of the above and then cries foul when caught, accused, and thrown out? Answer these questions and you will start to see what is really going on. It has been going on for millennia.

When a tea kettle, or rather very specific reflections under very precise lighting conditions combined with it, are controversial to the masses because ‘it looks like Hitler’ then surely this must be the final notice to any rational man that the world has gone insane?!? No? Apparently not! Jews and their liberal Goyim see ‘nazis’ in everything, most especially things that don't exist. However, it ‘must’ exist because the Jew says so, and what is authentic and official can only be defined by the Jew; the chosen almighty parasite of the vicious and bloodthirsty Yahweh; the master of genocides and debt slavery; the murderer of the earth and all its inhabitants - the Devil incarnate.

Equality doesn’t exist in any form in our world - not between the organisms and certainly not between the tribes - thus humans can never be equally free as proposed by some 19th and 20th century idealists. Freedom of opportunity is the best one can fantasise about or hope for if that is his desire, never actual equality. For equality to exist between two or more individuals the individuals must be identical copies living in identical environments and under identical circumstances or they are never going to be on the same ground; which could hypothetically grant absolute equality. If we present the lunatic the same freedoms with which an honourable man has then other people are going to suffer at the hands of the lunatic. Authority can be diminished but never extinguished; contrary views are based in stupidity, of idealisms long dead, and ignorance of the world’s conditions and history of social existence.

Political-Correctness is the only ideology that preaches tolerance and freedom for all people, yet offers none to anyone holding an ideological view contrary to its own. It’s an ideology of contradiction and intolerance!

Being accused of ‘Holocaust denial’ is as insane as being charged with ‘Heresy’ in centuries past. For such an event to occur, we must be living under some kind of secular dictatorial Jewish Orthodoxy where questions are prohibited and answers get you imprisoned.

When the Jew created Christianity he truly outdone himſelf. It's the most brilliant multigenerational brainwashing and propaganda tool ever conceived; its modern equivalent is the Holocaust. The essence of it is to introduce fear to a people who have none, and then constantly threaten them with death unless they adopt the antidote...which only the Jew controls. Brilliant!

The modern psychological pattern is that topics containing real substance, and requiring far more thought than basic human emotion, get ignored by the vast majority of individuals. Evidence means nothing when one has a contrary agenda and/or an incorrect perspective.

Every law that negatively effects the citizen was specifically designed to do so.

One cannot recreate the nonexistent! All experiments in that direction are not recreation at all, but attempted creation; attempted creation to ‘prove’ that the hypothesised nonexistent actually exists. It cannot be done, it is an impossibility not only of action but also of logical thought.

Ancient religions can never be correctly understood by those who view them via the modern heliocentric filter as this was a completely foreign and rejected concept in those times. Thus, holding such erroneous views while doing investigations instantly sabotages everything and it can only yield distorted, biased and incorrect results completely detached from the ancient pagan reality. Take away people's true self via multigenerational propaganda, brainwashing, and thought reform and replace it with nonsensical Copernican pseudoscience during a 500 year period and we have the ultimate drones and voluntary slaves - the modern human; the hedonistic consumer atheist; the ‘free thinker’; the know it all who's never known anything; the people who don't want to know what it is that they don't know; the moronic masses that resist all independent thought, action and experimentation in favour of the official ‘expert’ and their explanations, lies, propaganda and illusions.
Once the creators have been killed and replaced with atheism, evolution and the big bang the people are easily controlled and dominated, just as we see today.

What is clearly evident by observing people is that they always believe and adopt the popular opinions; they never truly think for themselves as they don't know how, or that such a process is even possible. Of the rare occasions of individuals attempting to think for themselves it’s always safely contained within the well defined and pre-approved boundaries and limits of the status-quo and only undertaken within the acceptable and designated methods and on the pre-approved subjects of interest.
Just because billions believe in something doesn't make it anymore true or credible than if one or two believe it; it simply means that people with power, money and an agenda have the means to popularise such an idea.

I don't believe in anything as I have no faith, I’ve never really had faith; not in the Scientific community and not in religion. I observe everything and everyone, along with the unseen hand behind the curtain of our puppet show called life, and I’ve gained much knowledge from those observations. The world is absolutely brainwashed and absolutely controlled, this is certain; so why this topic (religious narratives) should be any different I cannot give one valid reason. People like freedom, just not too much!

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