Ragnarok Rehearsals & Resurrection

We had this puppet show of an American president elections and the options were open enemy of everything sound and European and the other one was a rebellious playboy tycoon and a chad.

Lesson learned - Chads Win Friends even when they are snakeoil salesman swindlers. Just hand out your dying demographics the last straw.

We are not interested in this theater created for the cretins.

We are interested in the the few opportunities this opens. This is something we are aiming to bring back to us, to serve us. Military men of our blood should serve the interests of their own people instead of being mercenaries for finance interest elites and this they shall once again be.

Our men are not cretins although cannonfodder has truly earned the name. If that is what it takes for you to learn your trade, go for it. Remember to behave like an upright European wherever you may serve. Once back service for your true path and real purpose awaits.

WANT TO JOIN US? Read this before anything: