/ Paganism



Wisdom today | as rare as two suns,
Yet many would feign to possess;
You will find less still, in those of your kin,
Who closest to heart you so hold.

Wise shall seem many | in this world of conceit,
To those of shallow and vague minds;
Truly wise today, are few to be found,
And still less accepted amongst men.

Wisdom costs much | but a dollar not one,
If knowledge you seek to retrieve;
No end you shall find, in material wealth,
For such is a life of shame.

With wisdom comes burden | far heavier than gold,
And of this the wise know well;
Learn but one thing, and many more still,
Will you yearn to master some day.

Burdens to bare | are many and free,
For those who seek to acquire;
A whole life’s worth, with knowledge the measure,
For all life’s truths are the same.

Abundant are fools | in these times of our world,
For foolishness is proven with speech;
Quick to boast of, their foolhardy deeds,
Are fools to be made yet again.

Wasting of life | as the rich with their wealth,
Is the fools chosen work of this age;
Reclaim life still, if one does so yearn,
But the ultimate winner is death.

The fool he mocks | the wisdom of men,
For wisdom he has yet none;
Never will gain, wise words for himself
While in darkness he seeks to remain.

Confident fools | the bane of all folk,
For an unknowing one can be borne;
Pleased to not know, what they know not,
To death such ignorance must bring.

Allfather Hail!

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