Our Women PT I

"The speech of a maiden should no man trust/ nor the words which a woman says; for their hearts were shaped on a whirling wheel/ and falsehood fixed in their breasts."

-Wotan, Hávamál st. 84

Our women belong to to us. Or they belong to someone else. It is really as simple as that.

They are the most precious tresure we have and they belong to our folk. Without Our Women we cease to exist.

If a woman "decides" she belongs to "herself", her whims, pleasures and not to her folk we get what we have today -she gets to belong to someone else.

She may belong directly a salesman or she may belong inderictly to her salesman.

The key word here is "sale"

Her Folk does not sell her for any price unless some weird ass bizzarre things happened that made her folk abandon her into the cold.

So perhaps we should dig some more dirt huh? Like whatever happened to the world of beauty and order so that self-evident matters must even be discussed? Let us go and look more closely into this...

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