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In this article I have not used “th” but instead the original form of “Þ” which is called “Thorn.”
It reads the same and can be used as a direct replacement for “th” in modern English.
One may ask why I’ve done so, and the reason should become quite clear once you have finished reading the article; but to summarise-it proves that by making the smallest changes in life we can reclaim parts of our ancestral pagan heritage and gain new knowledge and abilities. At first you may not understood “Þ” in place of “th” but you will.
Þ is a Rune and thus a small part of the Germanic culture.
Many small steps result in a mountain climbed.

One of þe surest solutions for þe preservation of blood, identity and Urkultur does not concern itself wiþ half-assed political parties pushing ideas þat were popular last century; þis particular solution is isolation in remote wilderness - in þe natural world where you can raise a good healþy family; live wiþout working a dead-end job; and be completely self sufficient in all þat you do - it also completely denies þe system of capital þe chance to rob blind - via subsistence wages and taxation - of all your own efforts to sustain yourself while it itself gets filþy rich entirely at your expense.

Þis solution, while completely realistic and viable, has only come about as a truly attractive one due to þe general political malaise and nonexistent enþusiasm of þe masses for overþrowing þe corporate-government - it is one of a forced hand, one of few choices, and one of necessity if we are to have a healþy existence in þis debased and corrupt world. While living in þe natural world is undeniably beneficial to healþ and happiness, living in relative isolation is not þe natural way for us as we are social beings and enjoy þe company of oþers, of community, and þus it is a forced solution for þose of us fed up wiþ þe decayed and decadent system þat is now þe way of þe world.

Þose who should want to live on in þe blood and memories of þeir yet unborn descendants are perfectly capable of saving þemselves and putting such an idea into action; and when þey do þey should form small primitive village communities out in þe wild to free þemselves of þe system and yet not rot in þe loneliness of extreme isolation of being a lonely one-man team.
Þe vast majority of citizens in þe western world - in one way or anoþer and what way exactly is besides þe point - are for þe most part ideologically corrupt and morally bankrupt. I have saved myself from boþ my own destructive contribution of enabling capital to flourish - which contributes to keeping þe system afloat - and from þe cesspool we call modern society.

We all need to leave þis establishment behind for þe forests and mountains, to live as we see fit, and to actually be a part of þe natural world raþer þan just a parasite on its back aiding in its destruction. In humanity I see none capable of enacting þe necessary destruction of þis system of capitalist, hedonistic, Europhobic exploitation, and genocide and also aiding in þe implementation of þe new.

However, if we are not inclined to leave þe urban world þen þe system must change; þe old system of capitalist greed and destruction must itself be destroyed and a new must be created. Many people are only of þe opinion þat þe world is unfixable because þey are starting from þe false premise þat we must, and at all costs, preserve þe current system of our era, but when you see noþing good in þe current system it becomes immediately clear þat we are not in such a bad situation to enact change; we are but as free as we have always been - and in þis system þat is not very free at all - and þis current state of affairs of being ruled over by capitalist parasites is but a voluntary action as we can, if we collectively desire so, put an end to it at þe drop of a hat.
Þis is þe power þe collective people of any country holds in þeir hands if þey acknowledge it and are prepared to enforce it at all costs. Wheþer we remain in society or leave for þe wilds one þing must happen: Þis Judeo-Capitalist system must die. We all have choices to make, we eiþer remain and aid in þe deaþ of þe capitalist system or we leave and aid in þe same via ceasing to be a part of it; we cannot just ignore it and hope it improves as þis, by default, will never occur. Þe longer it is allowed to continue unhindered þe worse it will inevitably become-as has been observed now for over 250 years.

Voluntary slave labour was sold to þe poorest of Europeans as “colonial opportunity to better ones living conditions”, þe very same living conditions which in Europe þe ruling elite made impossible for þe folk to suffer to begin wiþ. Þus a new slave class was born, and entirely of þeir own volition. Wiþ colonisation of foreign lands came þe furþering of detachment from ancestral lands, of folk traditions and culture, and of family. Colonisation of þe new world was merely anoþer internationalist swindle to make money at þe expense of þe European people. Þe beginning of þe industrial revolution was þe point in time when degeneracy and exploitation was fast tracked and intensified into, and as, þe modern world, boþ old and new.
Þe furþer away in time we move from our pre-Christian ancestral way of life þe more degenerate we inevitably become; þe more corrupt we become þe less willing and able we are to reverse þe process and be done, once and for all, wiþ our Judeo-Christian chains and revert to our origins, our Urkultur. Our condition is comparable to a cancer, if we catch it early we can likely beat it but if we ignore it and let it grow it will inevitably kill us.
Take art and literature for example: today it is absolutely debased, decayed and degenerate garbage and yet most people treat it as if it could be þe new Shakespeare, Goeþe, Wagner &c; and yet, wiþ þat magical ancestral hindsight þat very few today possess one could even view Shakespeare, Goeþe and Wagner as degenerate and uptight garbage in comparison to our pagan ancestral literature, art and music. Look at art from þe end of þe pagan era: it declined þe instant Judeo-Christianity appeared in Europe; it went from being works by master pagan artists working in all þe classic materials such as: precious metals, gemstones, marble, steel, iron, bronze, numerous organic materials, and paint to þe equivalent of þe scribblings by a retarded child on a chalkboard - as we see in þe Churches chronicles and art &c.
One only need to look at þe works of Jewish artists or Jewish auþors to see þese þings for what þey are and to also see þe historical connexion between Jewish ideology, Christian art and þe decline of pagan culture. Language, too, suffered a decline wiþ þe incoming of degenerate foreign culture and ideology: listen to modern English in any public place and þen compare it to a reading of Beowulf in Anglo-Saxon and it is abundantly clear þat English itself has become a bastardised language void of þe wonderful expressive nature it once had. Þis is true of all þe Germanic languages (and likely all European languages but I am only familiar wiþ þe Germanic) and English is þe epitome of bastardisation of language as you cannot express yourself wiþ it like you can wiþ German, Swedish or Norse, for example. It has become þe scheming language of þat international clique þat only ever takes, destroys, and murders.

So, what is your next move?

Þe heaþen way isn't always primitive, but þe primitive way is always heaþen. Further reading:http://www.badnewsaboutchristianity.com/gi0_vandalism.htm

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