Gimme that Old Time Religion

What even is a religion?

Is it a bird, an airplane or what? Is it old men in robes, being all mystic?

Is it a code to live by? No. That is called codex, set of rules made by someone else.

Is it a belief in afterlife? No. That is up to cultural and individual set dreams.

Is it some deep spiritual and mental bondage with the universe of the deity of the cult? Ehh...

Religion is really none of that. Religion is the omnipresent potential for internal balance that is witnessed by every religion on grounds of varying different excuses. No religion or doctrine holds copyright to Religious experience despite all of them saying so.

It is the voices in your head pushing you forward, the image burning in your mind when these little things matter. And all that you never bare to confess later about.

Instead of these hallucinations learned from oriental books or from school class the thing is this:

Real Gods, and their ichor, are you and your blood.

The song of Blood in your veins is your grail, the gods of blood are your ancestors. To serve them you live your life, by honoring them by your deeds, fair and just, by providing them your heir you continue yourself and as doing like a family does and so on is all that matters.

Elements are of the creation and they walk with you. You have them Earth, Wind and Fire inside you - You embody both Fire and Ice.


The extra effort that gave you strength when you needed, that you thought before exploring your pagan and Real past, was not really some tranny jehovah as taught to you by deceivers but Uralten, Wralda, the Ancient One within you.

All Europeans have same creator God in common. That you have been pulled wool over your eyes has been work of judeo-christians to credit their volcano demon as yours.

This is the root of all our problems. That our "Good" would derive from the outside.

Good comes from within. Not from codes or out of fear of punishment. This is something other men have hard time to understand. Fairness, kindness, being just for the sake of it. It all comes from our blood. But no - all this just had to be perverted.

Nordic Workman Morale is called but "Lutheran Work Ethics" while everyone with their heads out of their asses know that means Racial Culture Quality and not judeo-christian value and so on.

The Good and the Just Are We and have always been.

When do we stop telling lies to ourselves?

Accept your blood, your religion to be.

Who would ever even want to stand on your way if you stood up like supposed to?

What else would ever even get to trump you like you abandoning yourself?

The Gods dwell within you. Remember that, always.


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