Envy and Hate PT I (introduction to human condition and biology)

There are usually two kinds of people around you: those who share your laughs and joys and those who laugh when they see you fail - when they see you suffer, and yes, even when they get to see you die.

We concentrate now on the latter.

In short, they are little people; low on self-esteem, with low egos (a pretentious ego is not a real ego), low in self-confidence, or - equipped with some other poor trait of a slave personality or slave morality.

We all know these people; they are also the cannon fodder for every regime that ever existed as they constitute not only the core of the mass-consumer type but because they are in the end - pacifistic cattle. Their animal instincts have been harnessed by various means and even in the ancient world it was known how to exploit that which has risen as their primary function of being today. Thus they are kept under check 24/7 like the good obedient cattle they are.
The personality trait that surpasses every other feature within them is their instinct for survival as part of the group, preferably their own peer group as they fear everything else.

This brings us to the second most visible trait in them - fear of being cast out.
This type does not fear death, rape, or torture; or any other cruelty as much as EXCLUSION from the group. An individual can not stand on his own feet without the support and reinforcement of the group. Being popular, or at least ACCEPTED, is all he cares about and this goal dominates his actions, thoughts and decisions. He is a sheep.


This is the reality with most of our “humanity” in the urban environment. They have no other, let alone natural souls-scapes nor even escapes (a jogging path is not real escape) and all they have is the acceptance of their peers, classmates, fellow academics, and so on.

The social animal man is a travesty. We were never herders or farmers; we were Hunter Gatherers by archetype and design.

Never mind industries that inevitably change, the type and attitude is what matters.
The herder plants microchips and barcodes into his cattle, while the Hunter Gatherer abhors such an idea.

YOU should get the idea by now.

To be continued...
(PS - and the farmer just fills you up with useless carbs)

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