Breaking People's Faith In The Magical

Christmas, as we know it, is used as a tool to break people's faith and/or trust in the magical, in mystery, and in wonder of the ancestral magical north...where Santa Claus lives.

As children we believe the lie with youthful passion, we visit Santa at shopping centres and even have our pictures taken with him; we tell him what we would like for Christmas and we assure him that we have indeed been good children; we look forward - each and every year - to the joy it brings us and some of us even hope to get another glimpse of Santa during his deliveries; we see as proof the milk drank and the cookies eaten of his presence in our homes, and overall - we enjoy the whole season with our families as well as the special presents we receive from the mysterious and magical fat guy in red.

Then, at a certain age we start to hear rumours that he doesn’t really exist, naturally at first we don’t believe such nonsense because we do actually receive presents signed by him - we’ve even met him - and we see that the milk and cookies we left out for him have been consumed; and most importantly: our parents told us all the stories about him, his elves, reindeer and the magical land where he lives and thus they built in us a respect for the magical - and we trust them above anyone else. Eventually, as time passes by - and when we finally confirm the rumours are true - our spirits are smashed with the reality that the first decade of our lives were filled with lies, deceit and betrayal; and right here at this very point is where a part of us dies. We no longer trust our parents as we did the weeks prior, we no longer believe in the magical, nor do we want ever again to take part in this false holiday as to us it just represents lies, deceit, and at best - as we later come to understand - a modern bastardised plagiarism of long pre-Christian origin repackaged and wrapped in jolly old consumerism and Judeo-Christianity.

So, as young impressionable children we have been deceived both spiritually and emotionally by our families; and we see these deceptions and lies mirrored throughout the whole establishment, throughout every family we know and observe. As we grow older we likely have no spiritual interests due to this emotional and mystique-destroying event in our young lives and we are thus, from that point onwards, automatically sceptical of everything and simultaneously trust nothing - everything becomes relative; our default has become atheistic, or agnostic at best.

From being a joyous child to an unhappy atheistic/agnostic teenager with no real purpose or direction our whole worldview has changed in a few short years from magical to miserable. For us, it was never about the presents; it was always about the spirit and magic of the time that we thought all the adults shared with us; turns out we were wrong - it was always about consuming.

New parents live their status-quo lives in their pre-fabricated houses while eating their microwave meals and watching TV; never taking a different position from anyone else, never breaking the “tradition” of deceiving, lying to, and betraying their children; thus, one generation of spiritually dead liars gives birth to the next, and so the destructive cycle continues.

Naturally, this mass deception is wholly intentional and thus intended to break our spirit and turn us into hedonistic worker-slaves, atheists, soulless degenerates and other types that live a meaningless existence filled with fads, genres and money guzzling brain-dead hobbies. Those of us who know the basic psychology of human thought can assure you that these early years of a child’s life are when the biggest impressions are made, when an essential part of who we are and who we will become is formed.

To overcome the indoctrination of being, by default of living under the status-quo, an atheist/agnostic takes quite some time; it can and does take decades to undo the damage done in our formative years. Most people will never overcome it and they will simply continue to live the lives that wage-slavery and capital dictates to them. Very few are those who revert to the paganism of their ancestors and truly believe it, truly live it as a part of their everyday life, and truly regain some of that youthful faith, vigour and wonder to see the magic and mystique in this beautiful natural world of ours. But that is the ideal, that is the goal of paganism - to revert to ancestral thought, being, and action and to free oneself from the chains of the modern world of lies, deceit and betrayal.