Beyond Feminism (Our Women PT III)

Welcome and please join us on another journey into the human mind and the sick state of many a mind, especially within the Western cultural hemisphere.

Those interested in nitpicking technical details can do so on their own - over here the big picture and the essence of the phenomena within the society is being examined, not petty hairsplitting.

Feminism, 1st, 2nd and the rest of the waves had but one thing in mind: to destroy.

Feminism was not an invention of women, gods forbid. Feminism as political agenda is an external attack on the European. Of course most of its agents have been Europeans, just like the converted locals trained into missionary work in the various parts of the world by judeo-christians from sub-Saharan Africa to the far-East.

While judeo-christian feminists wrapped in cloth of "neo-paganism" or "wicca" scream and shout about the evils of "patriarchy" and the supremacy of their "goddess", the tranny jehovah, they are doing nothing else but disguising vile marxism as European Tradition. And spitting on European men, women and families in the meanwhile, of course.

They might as well dress up in burkhas as that is the way of traditional women in the invader society. Some of them actually wish for that but that is another issue.


Well what then is this real "womens role" then?

It is exactly what the feminists say what it is about. It is exactly everything feminists hate in female behavior. It is the exact opposition of feminism, the True Womanhood.

You do not have to time travel to 1950´s, 70´s or 90´s or whatever the time was when the normal state of affairs in your society was broken.

Turn the feminist dogma around and get rid of the cartoonish folly and you get there.

Now, ye young female reading this - why won´t you be a good lass and go find yourself a good and honorable, true husband and bear for both him and yourself as your legacy, your beautiful offspring.

You do not want to end up as a lone, bitter hag.

See those women in burkhas? They have men.
Ugly, swarthy men perhaps but at least they have someone to live for.

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