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A Bazarian Theory

The way we were, what we were used to define us. You can still hear echoes of those long gone epochs as whisper in sagas and poems, runes of old. In tales most likely dubbed as "Legends", "Myths" and "Fairytales" by the modern science men of progress.

"The Jew had been thinking in terms of economics and money for a thousand years before Europe and America began to develop a money civilization. Consequently when money stepped out as the supreme force, the Jew shot upward like a meteor."

  • Francis Parker Yockey

We certainely had currency alongside with barter. Whether it was silver coin or skin of a northern mammal, we had currency and trade. However we traded as fair and equal partners, never trying to trick the buyer and scheme by selling inferior goods with biggest possible profit. Never as rule of thumb anyways. You see this even today - never do you see cattle people trying to sell destruction to others. Actual armsdeals are even today guised as "means to defend". Never do the goyim intentionally and consciously support "bad guy" or "bad causes". While they obviously do indeed do that, it is always needed to be explained away in a way that the goyim majority sees it morally sound.

Space programs have been halted, deep sea exploration has been trumped and possibly for the best. In this, occupied and distorted state where an evil and alien mind has all the chips over our mainstream societies it is possibly for the best that we do not seek expansion in the state of our decadence and save these worlds from usury and further destruction.

However, the comparison between these ideals are pretty conclusive and coherent.

The European, Faustian man seeks as his ideals to form both peace and expansion. Even his offensive warfare is pre-emptive by true nature. He needs an anchor that ties him to his home port but yet he is an explorer of the unknown by his nature.

He is the Viking and a Pirate, the Frontiersman and Minuteman, the Explorer on the seas and the Astronaut.


Struggle and expansion is what he is about, settling and establishing again and again. Creation of new home ports, new fields to plow and new adventures to engage in. Trade is something that happens as necessary logistic means to support this, not the end.

This is however not what we have today.

The Bazarian mindset has infected many of our best people. The throne of our "civilization" has been usurped and hi-jacked by an alien cult and mindset of commerce for commerces sake. Commerce as tool today is most useful and effective in subjection of the vanquished. It will lull the better off in illusions of luxurious superiority and ensure the worse off as loyal serfs if given even breadcrumbs of the said luxury.


Man loses his spirituality, his ideology, his creed. He becomes a bazaar customer, his mind preoccupied with where he gets the best luxuries for the least bargain price. His world becomes consumed by the mindset of the alien mentality. He applies for better paying job but he does not do that for any other reason than to show off, to signal his peers and neighbours that he did better in the bazaar haggle. His expenses always grow by the salary!

There is of course state sponsored and sanctioned bazarism too where people with no real input are hired to further enforce and cultivate the concepts of bazarism on public servant level, on the expense of others of course. When you see this happening around you, you may understand just how deep this distortion runs.

Was this what our Ancestors would have wanted of us, you may ask yourself?

That we become reduced to a pack of rats, chasing cheese someone else was waving in front of us?


Do you want your children to strive to reach and unveil something yet unknow?

Or do you want them to be worked to their literal deaths while having their efforts funneled into support of their rivals as mindless servants, as said cattle?


Is the market the very purpose of man in your opinion, his peak?

Is the bazaar indeed the crown of our efforts?

If not, why not try to join us and see if you have what it takes to resign and refuse the abattoir.

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